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Association Round The Island Trophy

Congratulations to Steve Treadwell with his Dufour 34e Performance “Irene” for winning the Association RTI Trophy for being the highest placed finisher of our members. He was also placed first in the particular Division. In this year’s race every competitor was hampered by very light winds. Of the 1210 entrants just 283 managed to finish

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Dufour News Magazine Archives

The Association’s magazine online archive now goes back to 1981. This provides further technical information for older yachts, and many additional ideas even for today’s yachts.

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Winner of the David Eyre Trophy

Winner of the 2018 David Eyre Trophy from the Dufour Association is Art Whitehead. The David Eyre Trophy is awarded by the Association Committee for the best article published in Dufour News during the year. The article “A Steep Learning Curve” was an example to us all and maybe reminds us all of our first

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Red Diesel

The UK Government (HMRC) has lost its case at the European Court of Justice regarding the use of red diesel. Its case was that leisure vessels were allowed to use red diesel as part was used for heating rather than propulsion. This meant that UK leisure sailors could use this cheaper fuel and that marinas

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Dufour Association Burgees

Fly your Dufour Association pennant with pride. If you are a member and don’t have one yet then the Association is currently offering the new batch at under cost price.

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Dufour News Summer 2019

The latest issue of Dufour News is the Summer 2019 issue. This includes articles Sunny and South to A Coruna, Raymarine ST50/60 Wind Sensor Bearing Replacement, Oh For The Want Of A Weather Forecast, Fixing a Quirk On A Dufour 34, European Meteorological Services Network, Marchwood Rally, My Favourite Forecasts.

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New Archive for Manuals

A new feature for Dufour Association members is an archive for manuals so members can share and access Dufour manuals that may be difficult to get – or just not with you when you want them. Members have already added some and we hope to share more over time.

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