Dufour Owners Association: new forum comment on Anchor for D32 Classic

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Dufour Owners Association: new forum comment on Anchor for D32 Classic

New comment from Alan Thomas

Hi Kevin
Only just seen this. I will go down to the boat and find out. I can't find the invoice. What I forgot for my previous post was that the Rocna has a wide shaft which will not fit under the locker hatch without some mods. I was so determined to have a Rocna (for the west coast of Scotland) that I undertook those mods. I will take some photos to show you.


Original Post by Brian Mathews

Anchor for D32 Classic

<p>Hello I’m looking to change the anchor on my Dufour 32 Classic as it won’t fit in the anchor locker meaning I have to leave it on the roller all the time which is an issue when on a mooring. Is there a suitable anchor that fits in the locker? Thanks, Brian Mathews, Pegasus. </p>

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<p>Hi Brian</p>
<p>What sort of anchor do you have that will not fit in your locker? I have a Rocna anchor which is totally reliable and fits inside my locker on a classic 30 so must fit into your locker too. I can't remember the size (but I can look if you like). It's probably a 10kg.</p>
<p>By the way, if you are carrying your anchor on the bow roller and you want to pick up a mooring you can always thread a warp through the loop in the chain. I pick up the chain (or mooring rope) and temporarily loop it over the starboard cleat to hold the boat then I tie off a warp onto the port cleat, thread it through the starboard fairlead, through the loop in the chain , back through the fairlead and onto the port cleat. Then I cast off the chain into the deep (with the pick up buoy) and the boat can safely swing where it will. Casting off is simply a matter of untying your warp and pulling it in.</p>