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WE changed our helm displays last year using the brand NAVpod enclosures. They custom cut for your specific instruments and the housing is watertight. Mounting it would probably be straightforward with what I know as a RAM mount which is a combo of ball joints and mounting surfaces with adjustable friction knobs that lock the "arms" in the positions you need them in. Good luck. Elliott


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MFD Mounting Pod

<p>Hi All.</p>
<p>New to the forum and indeed the boat – a 2012 405GL with In-mast furling and the 54hp engine option. No racing sails or rigging. It's our first yacht having migrated from an RS400 and years of dinghy racing. We used to take the 400 to sea venues at holiday times and try and make passages but after 20 minutes hiking on the same tack it wore a bit thin. A yacht was always part of the retirement dream so here we are. Still have the 400 – for now anyway.</p>
<p>So, were hoping to spend the winter sorting out a few snags leaving us free to do some sailing in the spring if CV19 will allow us.</p>
<p>She has a C90W fitted to a pod that slides out from under the cockpit table and can then be tilted up/down left/right. It's a bit tatty and I'd like to tidy it up before mounting a new Axiom 9 Pro in it. Does anyone have any idea who made this pod? I cannot find anything like it on the internet.</p>
<p>We've done lots already such as…</p>
<p>Repaired cockpit canvas and made a few new panels as it could never have fitted before. Some panels were about 4" too short and I don't believe it shrank that far?</p>
<p>Re routed heating exhaust whilst adding a silencer and much more insulation than it had originally,</p>
<p>Added fresh water accumulator,</p>
<p>Replaced all fire extinguishers and added automatic to engine compartment</p>
<p>Replaced all the heads brightware which was corroding,</p>
<p>Replaced the pipe from the loo to the blackwater tank that was absolutely solid, servicing manual pumps along the way. Replaced both seacocks too.</p>
<p>Added power sockets for a saloon TV/ Axiom display,</p>
<p>Added a galvanic isolator,</p>
<p>Replaced all window blinds,</p>
<p>Fixed several leaks around portholes & fwd water filler,</p>
<p>Replaced the saildrive seal which, despite what everyone says actually did need doing after 8 years. It had a significant split in it and the intermediate plate that clamps it to the drive was badly corroded. Set to fail soon. Replaced all anodes and seacock. </p>
<p>Upgraded Gas alarm</p>
<p>Fitted better radar reflector,</p>
<p>Automated bilge pump and added a GSM alarm to alert of bilge water levels via text message</p>
<p>There's going to be more, but not bad for 2 months on and off. Next up is adding gates to the safety rails. Onwards and upwards.</p>
<p>Any info on that pod much appreciated.</p>
<p>Dave   </p>

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<p>I haven’t managed to get back to the boat yet for photos but I did find the attached online. Not the most detailed shot but it is what I have and is fitted to another 405. Does this ring a bell with anyone?</p>