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We have some under sole storageon Dufour 40, but not exactly a wine rack, can you provide pictures of your wine rack, might need to add that to future projects list… Thanks, Elliott


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Mystery feature

<p>On our 405GL, in the sole in front of the cooker there is a removable panel under which is fitted a plastic bowl with a hole (about 15mm) in the bottom. I’ve pondered what it’s function might be and anyone I’ve asked to date has had no clue. I’ve just been reading the original sales brochure and therein it says in the Galley section, “Crumb tray under sole. So, I guess it’s a crumb tray, but what use is that if you have to remove the sole panel to access it and when you do, there is a hole in it?  Am I missing something, or is it something that hasn’t translated well from French to English? <br />Dave</p>

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<p>I thought that the wine rack under the sole was a dufour trademark and they all had one? I think I’m going to donate some of that space to storing divine cylinders. Nice and low centre of gravity. The rest can go to Stella Artois storage (or maybe that should be 1664. We’re not much of a vino drinkers! </p>
<p>Cheers! </p>