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My first thought was to suggest the hull/deck joint at the very rear of the transom, as Arik Nativ also suggests. It is well out of the water when at rest or under way slowly in calm conditions, but when the boat is moving fast, the stern will "dig in" causing the joint to be submerged and turbulence to be created under the stern.
On the other hand Phillip Cave's advice has great validity. In my 30 Classic , I was experiencing a similar mysterious leak by which salt water gathered under the double skinned "floor" under the sole boards at the base of the companionway. After replacing the seal on the raw water pump it still manifested itself, and I eventually tracked it down to the exhaust silencer/water trap. This was the OEM Volvo Penta part from year 2000, which consists of a section of large diameter rubber hose, with stainless steel end fittings which had developed pinhole leaks from internal corrosion. I's a common problem on VP-engined boats
Do update us when you have found a solution to the problem


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Potential leak from Rudder

<p>I would be most grateful to hear from any Dufour owner that has had a rudder removed to find, eliminate or repair a leak?</p>

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<p>Hello,  the first question is what model is your Dufour? I can only answer in relation to my Dufour 38 Classic 2001, I have not had a leak from a rudder, but i had to remove it recently as the rudder siezed, and am familiar with the layout. </p>
<p>But the rudder post that is glassed into my boat is one of the strongest areas on the boat, and is visible from inside. Do you have any drawings to refer to? In my construction, which i think is common to many boats, there is an aluminium bearing housing at the bottom, with an aluminium tube connecting the lower bearing to the upper, all of which are well glassed in.</p>
<p>Maybe it leaks only when the rudder is under pressure during use, and thus only visible as a hairline crack which opens up under pressure? Maybe the water is coming in from elsewhere, not the rudder? </p>
<p>I'm not sure how helpful is this, but good luck. </p>
<p>peter burdett</p>
<p>Dandelion </p>