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I live with it – put a rubber tube on it into a large water bottle in the locker. Don’t forget to empty it occasionally


Original Post by Matthew Dellar

Quick Hot Water Calorifier PRV

<p>Hi </p>
<p>Can anyone help with advice on a Quick hot water calorifier? </p>
<p>I seem to be getting a small amount of water leaking from the pressure release valve on the Calorifier after running the engine. I have swapped the PRV for a new one but this didn't make any difference.</p>
<p>Has anyone had this problem or can advise on what could be wrong and how to fix?</p>
<p>Thanks, Matt.</p>

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<p>Have the same with ours. It is just the expansion of the water in the cylinder when it heats up. If you want to cure it you will need to install an expansion vessel in the system. </p>