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Hi Andrew

Having looked again at the elbow I have just replaced you may be right in that the knobbly bjts are corrosion rather than deposits. The engine runs fine, uses no oil and produces no exhaust smoke. The high pressure fuel pump/injection timer was replaced 10 years ago when the old one seized up.
The MD 2030 is quite old technology and May not run as clean as the VP D2-55F. Also being based right at the entrance of Portsmouth Harbour we do quite a lot of short engine runs just to get out into the Solent which I am sure does not help.


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Replacing wet exhaust hose, exhaust elbow to silencer (45e Performance)

<p>I have a 2010 45e performance with a V.P. D2-55F. This has suffered the well known exhaust elbow corrosion problem (cast iron!) and I will therefore replace it with a cast stainless replacement. I am expecting to find that the corrosion has extended around the exhaust elbow spigot, between the cast iron and rubber exhaust hose and therefore that, as a consequence, separating the two will prove difficult. I therefore plan to replace the section of 57 mm wet exhaust hose between the exhaust elbow and silencer.</p>
<p>I am hoping that someone will have attempted this job and can provide some pointers.</p>
<p>I have a couple of questions;</p>
<li>Am I correct in anticipating that it will prove difficult to separate the exhaust elbow and hose?</li>
<li>Should I expect the hose to be irredeemably damaged by its removal (it is 12 years old so should probably be replaced)?</li>
<li>What length of hose will I need to purchase to replace this section?</li>
<p>The boat is lying in Corfu where it is proving difficult to source the hose. I therefore need to purchase a length in the UK, but how much should I take?</p>

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