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Thanks Dave, I subsequently found IBS myself. I had previously found it but forgot to bookmark it.


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Rudder Bearings

<p>At some point this year I’m going to replace the rudder bearings on the 405, probably when she’s out for anti fouling. Does anyone have a drawing of the assembly? I’ve seen places selling the components but nothing showing where the spacers go, how the seal fits or what gaps need to be left. A drawing would be really helpful. <br /><br /></p>
<p>Linked to that, has anyone here done the Jefa roller bearing conversion and was it worth it? I imagine it may suffer with grit and sand in the lower one especially…</p>
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<p>The supplier of the plain variety is easy. International Boat Spares or IBS can supply the plain type bearings. </p>
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<p>Having seen what's involved in converting to rollers I think I'm going to leave well alone and stay plain. </p>
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<p>It would be great to see what play exists in a brand new set up where neither shaft or bearings are worn from specification. Only after removing the shaft would you be able to see if there is a step in the diameter of the part that turns inside the bearing, but it's stainless steel against Ertalyte so the Ertalyte should wear first – in theory at least. Ertalyte is very resistant to moisture absorption so I doubt very much if it would swell to take up any play after fitting. If it still wobbles when fitted new it'll never get any better.</p>
<p>The only reason I can see for play after changing is that the shaft is worn or that the replacement bearing was oversize so Id measure them against spec before fitting the next ones. IBS can tell you the correct spec so you'd hope they manufacture to that. I agree with some other posters that a bit of play is preferable to it being tight. Tight plus a grain of sand means no steering.</p>