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I am fitting a Victron 12-3000-120 on my 45 performance. A marine sparky I have very high regard for, has advised me to install as close as possible to the batteries, like really really close! Add some vents if needed.
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Where to put an inverter?

<p>I plan to buy an inverter when I’m done with my installation of Lithium batteries in my 385GL. <br />Can someone suggest a good place to mount it.</p>
<p>Inverters are fairly large and require good cooling. It’s good if it can be mounted close to very thick battery cables. <br />I had in mind to mount it under the navigation table but I fear that there will not be sufficient legroom left.<br />Has anyone placed an inverter behind the sofa? There is plenty of room, but is there enough cool air?</p>

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<p>I have a 460GL and a Victron combo charger/inverter which is located on a vertical panel under the cockpit sole accessible from the removable panel at the aft end of the starboard aft cabin. It has a remote control panel by the chart table and produces, from memory, 2.5Kw. I have a six battery lithium bank under the floor just ahead of the steps down from the cockpit. I also have a DC-DC charger arrangement. Let me know if you need further details.  Julian</p>