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I have a 500 Grand Large and mounted actually 2 under starboard side sofa. to mitigate the heat generated by the units we installed a temperature controlled fan. all works great.
Bob Carter
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Where to put an inverter?

<p>I plan to buy an inverter when I’m done with my installation of Lithium batteries in my 385GL. <br />Can someone suggest a good place to mount it.</p>
<p>Inverters are fairly large and require good cooling. It’s good if it can be mounted close to very thick battery cables. <br />I had in mind to mount it under the navigation table but I fear that there will not be sufficient legroom left.<br />Has anyone placed an inverter behind the sofa? There is plenty of room, but is there enough cool air?</p>

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<p>I don't know the layout of the 385, in the 360GL the factory fit one in the seat locker just in front of the chart table to power the TV. The inverter has an internal fan. I would guess from the size of it that it is only 200W or there about. It takes its' power from the 2 bus bars behind the switch panel</p>
<p>From an electrical point of view a lot will depend on how much power you want to run. The input current will be more than 20 times the output current. Ideally you'll want to keep the cables short. It maybe that you'll need new cables from the battery if all the other cables are specified based on what is already there. What size are you considering?</p>