Dufour Owners Association (new forum post): DUFOUR 385 – RUDDER BEARINGS

Dufour Owners Association (new forum post): DUFOUR 385 – RUDDER BEARINGS

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We have a Dufour 385 that is coming up to 10 years old.  Whilst on passage to France this summer the there was a constant squeaking noise coming from the vicinity of the top rudder bearing.  I squirted WD-40 into the top bearing and the squeaking went away not to reoccur again.  However I feel that this was only a temporary solution and want to do something more permanent during winter haul-out.


I would the most grateful to hear from anybody who has dropped their rudder (or had the work done) to either:

  • clean the rudder stock & bearings or
  • replace the rudder bearings.

Rightly or wrongly l have done neither during the last 10 years.  Tips and advice would be much appreciated.


I've done a bit of research and it appears that's a company called JP3 may have supplied the original bearings and that the type of bearings may be their “Type 1 Ertalyte bearing 59 millimetres diameter.  I believe these may still be available via a link on the JP3 website which links to another company International Boat Spares.  This site indicates that the top and bottom bearings for a 385 being “Palier Ertalyte 59 Dia D385”.  Can anyone confirm any of this please?  Also, if you have dropped the rudder, what other “o” rings/seals, washers etc. are required if the existing ones are no longer usable?


Many thanks in anticipation.


Nick Hunt


Dufour 385