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Plastimo Anti-Vibration Door Locks

My Dufour 365GL has mortise locks made by Plastimo. These locks are quite neat in that when closed they “grab” so they do not rattle when the boat is moving. Gradually though this feature fails and I looked to replace them. Cost per lock from Plastimo is £65 plus carriage.

Thinking this a bit expensive and wasteful to stop a rattle I took them apart and found they have two particular springs which break. I have got a quote for replacing just these springs – and for me it is just cheaper than replacing all the locks but I suspect if I increased the number ordered the price would remain similar. The particular springs are unusual in that they have a double coil with an arm between them, hence they need special tooling.

Does anyone else have the same problem that might be interested in this solution? Each lock requires two springs (one a mirror image of the other) and cost if we order for say 20 locks might be £20 per lock. I need them for three locks myself.