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<p>Update on Lewmar non standard opening portlights.</p>
<p>I did think Lewmar were going to supply the lenses but they no longer wish to support spares for these non standard lenses.</p>
<p>Having spent time talking to Rowland from Eagle Boat Windows there is light at the end of the tunnel! Having received and fitted the first prototype, with some very minor adjustments things are good. For a first prototype results are excellent. I should be receiving two more lenses today as  finished items.</p>
<p>I am impressed with Rowland and Eagle for there help in resolving this problem.</p>
<p>I will keep you updated.</p>


Original Post by John Bird

32 Classic portlights.

<p>I am really struggling to find replacement portlight lens for my 32 they are opening ones. They are a non standard Lewmar size.</p>
<p>Has anyone else had this problem?</p>
<p>Regards </p>
<p>Dickie </p>