Dufour Owners Association: new forum reply to 32 Classic portlights.

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Dufour Owners Association: new forum reply to 32 Classic portlights.

New reply from William Cheadle

<p>I struggled with the same issue with my 36 Classic. Unfortunately, Lewmar decided to abandon support for these special sizes they made for Dufour at just about the time you'd expect needing spares for them. I found my only recourse was to replace the ports.</p>
<p>I "solved" my problem by installing Newfound metal replacements of approximately the same size. This was not an easy project – it involved quite a bit of cutting and fitting and some slight modification work. I liked these very much, having installed them on an older Morgan I'd owned previously.</p>
<p>The biggest upside for me was the quality and support from the manufacturer – something I've found lacking from Lewmar.</p>
<p>The biggest downside is the angle of the cabin sides (very different from the Morgan) caused water to collect at the bottom of the light, as they fit recessed into the cabin, not flush. So, while I recommend the products and supplier, I would caution against installing any replacement that does not sit flush with the outside of the cabin.  I have to believe somebody is making a port that will fit (albeit with some modifications) that is more suitable then the ones I selected.</p>


Original Post by John Bird

32 Classic portlights.

<p>I am really struggling to find replacement portlight lens for my 32 they are opening ones. They are a non standard Lewmar size.</p>
<p>Has anyone else had this problem?</p>
<p>Regards </p>
<p>Dickie </p>