Dufour Owners Association: new forum reply to 32 Classic portlights.

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Dufour Owners Association: new forum reply to 32 Classic portlights.

New reply from Jeremy Rowley

<p>Are you referring to the opening portlights with stainless frames that go behind the fixed main windows on either side?</p>
<p>If so, I think on all the Classic series (at least they are all Classics I've seen) they are Rutgerson portlights: https://www.rutgerson.se/product-category/portlights/   and you can buy the lens. </p>
<p>I had terrible leaks from mine a few years ago and I suspected the lenses. However, I took out the frames and rebedded them in Sika's finest and they haven't leaked since. I since discovered that the mastic breaks down after 15-20 years making leaks inevitable, which means the mastic is due to be replaced on all Classics about now.</p>
<p>IF however, you are referring to the centreline hatches. I had the salon and forecabin lewmar hatches lens replaced by Seaclear.co.uk. based in Maidstone, Kent.  The guy is a sole-trader and works out of large-ish workshop in his back garden.  This is all he does and the quality of workmanship was first class.    I can give you some tips on removing the saloon hatch if it is these hatches you want the lenses replaced.</p>
<p>I took some photos, may be it will become a technical article in the Dufour News sometime…. watch this space!</p>


Original Post by John Bird

32 Classic portlights.

<p>I am really struggling to find replacement portlight lens for my 32 they are opening ones. They are a non standard Lewmar size.</p>
<p>Has anyone else had this problem?</p>
<p>Regards </p>
<p>Dickie </p>