Dufour Owners Association: new forum reply to 32 Classic portlights.

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Dufour Owners Association: new forum reply to 32 Classic portlights.

New reply from Andrew Spruell

<p>I think around about 2000/2001 they changed  the portlights to Lewmar. They are a non standard size made specially for Dufour and are covered in an earlier topic about 4 years ago. The link is:</p>
<p>If the link does not work then just type in ‘lenses’ into the search box above and it should come up. <br />I agree with Derek that Ocean Chandlery ( formerly SeaTeach ), based at Thornham marina should be able help as they have close contacts with the Lewmar factory. I replaced 2 of mine about 5 or 6 years ago. Although not available off the shelf Lewmar would at that time make them to order. They were not cheap at about £110 per lens but cheaper and easier than than replacing the whole portlight. Do note as per the original topic the design changed very slightly around about 2002 from a Mk 1 to a Mk 2. The difference is in the hinges. <br />The new lenses seem to be of better quality than the originals and to date show no signs of crazing. Also so far I have not had any problems with the frames leaking. They are anodised aluminium as are all Lewmar portlights and may be less prone to thermal expansion than the stainless steel frames. <br />Andrew</p>


Original Post by John Bird

32 Classic portlights.

<p>I am really struggling to find replacement portlight lens for my 32 they are opening ones. They are a non standard Lewmar size.</p>
<p>Has anyone else had this problem?</p>
<p>Regards </p>
<p>Dickie </p>