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<p>I don't think it's bearings or gearbox. Although without actually inspection that's hard to say for certain. Can you manually spin the windlass without any grinding or noise….. in other words does it spin freely? <br /><br />Personally I would start with the motor. That's a significant load. Nearly 60Amps being drawn when operating the motor at full tilt.  If it's tripping then the current being drawn when operating the motor has exceeded the designed spec of the trip device. The startup current for DC motor is significantly higher then the motor rating. Normally a "starter" is built into motor to reduce the load at startup and if this has failed then the startup current may well exceed the rated spec of the breaker. You need to check what load is being drawn when the motor starts. If it's greater then the breaker rating you would have your answer as to why it's tripping without being under load. If you are happy the breaker is rated sufficiently high to manage the startup current then it suggests something else is causing a current spike.  So a couple of things to check out:</p>
<p> 1. Check the brushes.  These are serviceable items on these larger DC motors and may be causing a short. </p>
<p>2 . If there has been excessive arcing between the communator and the brushes there could be damage to the commutator.</p>
<p>If both of these look good then run a continuity test on the internal wiring to eliminate shorts or high resistance in any of the windings. </p>
<p>Hope this helps</p>


Original Post by Simon Martin

Anchor windlass Quick 700w

<p>hi, I see that lots of people have had fun with their windlass. </p>
<p>Mine is “tripping”. I am wondering whether anyone else has had similar issues, and if so what they did to fix it. </p>
<p>Strangely it trips when dropping the anchor as well as raising the anchor, so I am assuming it is not a function of load. </p>
<p>It seems to have been getting worse over the last year – this may be telling me something?</p>
<p>i am hoping that it is something simple like the circuit breaker rather than bearings or the gearbox which I am not competent to deal with. Though I notice that the circuit breaker is not Quick branded and I am not sure where I will get an equivalent that is easy to swap  </p>
<p>Any thoughts gratefully received. </p>