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<p>When I changed the service battery from lead to Li FePo4 I measured the load drawn from my Lofrans windlass and found that it was almost the same when dropping the anchor or raising it at about 80 amps. <br />Since fitting the lithium battery the windlass works much better without starting to labour as it did before which I think is because there is no longer any voltage drop from the battery under load. <br />This may be an issue with you if your battery is getting on a bit  in that it may be dropping the voltage down to 10 or 11volts under load and the windlass is compensating by drawing more amps. It may be worth trying a new and/or bigger battery. Certainly worth checking what the voltage drop is under load and the current as well if you have the means to do so. <br />Hope this is useful</p>
<p>Andrew </p>
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Original Post by Simon Martin

Anchor windlass Quick 700w

<p>hi, I see that lots of people have had fun with their windlass. </p>
<p>Mine is “tripping”. I am wondering whether anyone else has had similar issues, and if so what they did to fix it. </p>
<p>Strangely it trips when dropping the anchor as well as raising the anchor, so I am assuming it is not a function of load. </p>
<p>It seems to have been getting worse over the last year – this may be telling me something?</p>
<p>i am hoping that it is something simple like the circuit breaker rather than bearings or the gearbox which I am not competent to deal with. Though I notice that the circuit breaker is not Quick branded and I am not sure where I will get an equivalent that is easy to swap  </p>
<p>Any thoughts gratefully received. </p>