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<p>Hi Angus,</p>
<p>I assume you mean 'changed to propane' – red cylinders.</p>
<p>I understand that you only need to change the regulator.  And yes, propane boils at -42C as opposed to -2C for butane which would be an advantage for colder climes.</p>
<p>The issue for me is that the gas locker on KOTO will only take small Camping Gaz cylinders and to fit the nearest sized calor cylinder I would have to make it taller, which then in turn impacts the removable rear seat arrangement which might not be solvable. So I'm kind of stuck with Camping Gaz unfortunately.</p>
<p>I don't know whether you have access to shore power, but I am considering buying a portable induction hob for use in harbour when plugged-in.  These cost about £32 (from Amazon) and could save a lot on gas bills.</p>


Original Post by Angus Spence

Calor gas supply issues

<p>We have supply issues with Calor Gas 4.5kg Butane (Blue cylinder) again this year, I know it not just here.  I do not intent to debate the reason for this here, but happy to read comments. Its a pain but we have a couple of full cylinders so fine for a while. Our local supplier has suggested that a change to Butane  (red cylinders) should improve availability, the other possibility is to go to Camping Gaz (but I moved away from them since very expensive. My question is: has anyone changed to butane, I will need a new regulator, but hopefully the cooker (EON? cannot remember the make) will be fine. The advantage is that, living in and winter sailing inn Scotland the lower boiling point is an advantage:-)</p>