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New reply from Paul Shaddick

<p>Hi Graham and Helen</p>
<p>I had all my standing rigging replaced a few years back and it is a mixture:</p>
<p>Fore and back stay 7mm</p>
<p>Vertical shrounds 8 mm</p>
<p>Inners and diagonal of upper shrouds a mixture of 6 and 5mm</p>
<p>Caveat – I think this is the case, the boat is out in Greece so I can't check.</p>
<p>If you are looking to get your replaced then for quotation purposes this is the breakdown of wire used:</p>
<p>11m x 5mm</p>
<p>22m x 6mm</p>
<p>38m x 7mm</p>
<p>24m x 8mm</p>
<p>Best wishes</p>
<p> </p>


Original Post by Graham & Helen Dingley

Classic 36 – Shroud size

<p>I won't be able to get to the boat for some time and wondered if anyone knows what the wire diameter of the rigging is.</p>