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<p>Hi Nancy</p>
<p>I've never used on of these ladders so am just putting a few general comments for consideration.</p>
<p>As a sailing and SCUBA instructor I've had to think about getting out of the water on many occasions, so I think the first thing to check is whether the ladder rungs are wide enough to get easily get your foot on, especially when wearing boots. You also need to consider that as it's a "rope ladder" it will try to swing under the boat as you are trying to climb it. Do consider that it would have to be fitted low enough that you could reach and deploy it unaided while you are in the water. Fine if there is someone else to assist you but can you always guarantee that there will be?</p>
<p>Another serious consideration is where you locate it. I know that the advertising for this item shows it fitted in the transom but do remember that in rough weather there is considerable movement of the transom. That's why we recommend that in a man overboard situation sailors give thought to recovering the casualty near the mast where the movement is more restricted.</p>
<p>Hope this is of some help and that you stay, safely on the boat and never need a man overboard recovery system.</p>
<p>Regards, Paul</p>


Original Post by Nancy Davies

Dufour 310 reboarding ladder

<p>We have a 2020 Dufour 310 and looking at reboarding ladder options  and following option was a consideration:  https://ca.binnacle.com/p12961/Plastimo-Flush-Mount-Safety-Rope-Ladder-with-3-Steps/product_info.html</p>
<p>Any insight or recommendations are most welcome </p>
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