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New reply from Kevin Murray

<p>Here is a link to an excellent webpage hosted, surprisingly, by the people who bring you Le Tonquinois varnish:</p>
<p>There is also a Facebook group dedicated to the subject, and countless threads on PBO Forum discussing all aspects of both the branded heaters and the Chinese copies. Regarding the latter, they are so inexpensive that if your Eber becomes unuseable, the standard advice is to replace it with a "Chinaspacher" and buy two more, as a source of spare parts.</p>


Original Post by Peter Lowe

Eberspacher heater

<p>The Eberspacher on our Dufour 34P hasn't worked for the past 2 years and I fear the burner may have got clogged through lack of use. </p>
<p>Can anyone advise on how you can clean these units or is this best left to someone who deals/services these heaters?</p>
<p>Would welcome any advice!</p>