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<p>Hello, I’ve spoken to the team at hydrovane about fitting one to my 365. Apparently they have been fitted to a 375 and other very similar boats. Also, check out the boek (?) family, I think they had one on their 382. </p>
<p>Finally, take a look at their website, loads of photos of fittings. Every person I’ve spoken to about the hydrovane has raved about it.  Before anyone slams me, there are other brands available :). <br />Good luck. <br />And/or email them – very helpful! Also note there is a current Southampton boat show offer.</p>
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<p>will@hydrovane.com<br /><br /></p>


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Hydrovane fitted to a 382GL

<p>Has anyone fitted a Hydrovane to a 382 GL? I am considering doing this but was wondering if anyone had done this already and whether it was a positive outcome!</p>