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<p>Yes excellent question. I have tried some wax that is sold to cover scratches, and various kinds of polish. None of these really worked so I am very keen to hear from someone who has really managed to get a good result. </p>
<p>I also have some heat damage in the wood, where the steam from a kettle has bleached wood, also where a hot cup was put into the table. I haven’t managed to do anything about that either. Ideas welcome !</p>
<p>simon </p>


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Interior Woodwork – Classic 36

<p>Wanting to tidy up some bits of the interior woodwork in the cabin when there are scratches and a wee bit of water damage.</p>
<p>Is funiture polish ok?</p>
<p>I don't want to go down the route of re-varnishing even if that is an option.</p>