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New reply from Dave Brannigan

<p>Anything new and unexpected in the area around the AP fluxgate compass, particularly wiring which may induce noise when the engine is running? Do other instruments show the same variation, or is it only the AP controller?</p>
<p>I don't know what brand of instruments you're running but I've found Raymarine Customer support mostly very helpful. If you have Raymarine, try them…? I'm sure other brands are just as helpful too. </p>


Original Post by Simon Martin

More autohelm woes – engine appears to be interfering

<p>when the engine is running, the heading on the autohelm seems to be disturbed: it shows 242 degrees (+- a few degrees, so it is not fixed) when the boat is heading west, irrespective of actual heading or course, 70 degrees +- a few) when heading east. When I switch the engine off eg sailing, the reading on the autohelm is right again  </p>
<p>I assume that this is some kind of interference – shielding or something. It is odd because the problem has only just happened- everything was fine a week ago. Has anyone experienced this?  Any ideas how to fix it?</p>
<p>thanks, Simon </p>