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New reply from Kevin Murray

<p>I forgot, in my earlier reply, to mention a very useful tool for tracking down mysterious leaks – blue paper towel/wiper roll, the kind you come across in public toilets and service station forecourts. It immediately darkens when wet.</p>
<p>Before your lift-out, spread some as near as you can to the suspect area of hull-deck joint and around the suspect areas of the rudder shaft housing, then go for a brisk sail. Water staining on the paper towel should then reveal the source of the leak. I should emphasise that it would be better to check the suspect areas consecutively, rather than simultaneously.</p>
<p>By the same token, it's considered unwise to make two changes at the same time, as you will never know which one cured the problem. If it turns out that the hull-deck joint was leaking then the price of the work on the rudder can be saved, apart from a small GRP repair under the top bearing.</p>


Original Post by Paul Simmons

Potential leak from Rudder

<p>I would be most grateful to hear from any Dufour owner that has had a rudder removed to find, eliminate or repair a leak?</p>