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<p>I don't there is any expansion vessel as default on these Dufour Yachts. We've got 375GL and I haven't been able to locate one, nor do I find one in the plumbing / freshwater diagrams in the manual.</p>
<p>Been thinking of installing one, though. I don't have any leak from the PRV, but I do very much like the smoother operation of sensor-controlled fresh water pump + expansion vessel combo. Makes the pump ramp up and down smoothly, versus the sudden (and noisy) on/off on my Dufour now.</p>


Original Post by Matthew Dellar

Quick Hot Water Calorifier PRV

<p>Hi </p>
<p>Can anyone help with advice on a Quick hot water calorifier? </p>
<p>I seem to be getting a small amount of water leaking from the pressure release valve on the Calorifier after running the engine. I have swapped the PRV for a new one but this didn't make any difference.</p>
<p>Has anyone had this problem or can advise on what could be wrong and how to fix?</p>
<p>Thanks, Matt.</p>