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Dufour Association Burgee

‘The Dufour Association provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information for the owners of all classes of yachts manufactured under the Dufour name.’
Bob Garrett (Chairman)


The objectives of the Association are to:

  • facilitate the meeting of Dufour owners and those interested in Dufour yachts

  • provide the opportunity for the exchange of information, knowledge and news

  • produce a newsletter “Dufour News” and maintain a web site

Introduction to the Dufour Association

The Dufour Association’s prime purpose is to exchange information about the maintenance, spares, modifications and improvements to Dufour boats and to share people’s knowledge and experience. The Association also organises events and rallies to enable members to meet and socialise.

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It provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information for the owners of all classes of yachts manufactured under the Dufour name.

Additionally it publishes three Newsletters a year, the “Dufour News”. It is a high quality document and contains articles from members concerning their boats, work carried out, their cruises and details forthcoming events.

There are event organisers for various locations around the UK and we welcome others to assist in organising events in their local sailing areas. Details of events are given in the Newsletter, and on the Events page.

A number of special offers are available to members. These are detailed in the Members Area.

It is this accumulated knowledge that makes membership of the Association so valuable.

We are not just concerned with the technical aspects of owning boats, but to assist newcomers to sailing who buy a Dufour as their first boat, to share knowledge and experience of our boats, provide information for people who wish to sail in new areas, tales from the more adventurous and the lessons learned from those who have tales to share.

The Association holds its informal AGM early in the New Year, following a lunch. Here the officers for the year are elected and set the events calendar for the year.

It has a very active Facebook page and encourages members to join,  as it is a very useful means of obtaining help and ideas for all classes and ages of Dufours.

We provide a For Sale and Wanted listing where members may advertise their boats and other items for sale, as well as for items that are wanted.

Cercle Voiliers Dufour

Link to the CVD

We developed a close relationship with the French Dufour Owners Association, the Cercle Voiliers Dufour, but this group is now sadly no longer operating.

Its former members are welcome to join the Association.