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Charles Marchant 1921 to 2016

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Charles_MarchantIt was with deep regret that I have to let you know that Charles died on 11 April 2016. He was 95 years old and although declining physically over the last month of his life he remained alert and in full control of his mind to the end. He was last on Positive Thinking on 26 November when we enjoyed a coffee, a good chat about jobs to do on PT, 40 winks, a pot of tea and then home to Chichester. It was always an enjoyable outing with Charles. We have shared PT since 1989

Charles was a member of the Dufour Association for 30 years. He was Editor of our magazine and Secretary for many years. If he was short of copy he would dash off a suitable sailing article to fill the space. A successful editor and writer.

Charles served as a Naval officer in the 2nd World War including the North Atlantic Patrol for which he awarded the Atlantic Star. He also spent time in Bermuda and happily survived this conflict.

An electrical Engineer AMIEE with a varied and successful career living in the North the East and the South of England much of his time connected with the electrical side of aeronautical matters.

I first met Charles at the Little Ship Club in London about 35 years ago and we have sailed together ever since. Firstly on his Trident named Trilby and then a Dufour 28 named Deidi and for the last 27 years we have shared our Dufour 31 Positive Thinking. We enjoyed many Dufour rallies in the Solent, France and Weymouth over two decades.

We have had some great times together on Positive Thinking sailing and perhaps our biggest adventure was to take part in the Yachting Monthly Triangle Race. It started from Torquay then to Crosshaven in Southern Ireland then we sailed to Tregiere in France and then back to Torquay. Happy days.

J Peter Pitchforth

Universal Yachting Appointed

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Universal Yachting have been appointed as Dufour Yacht Dealers in the South Coast. They have branches in Solent, Chichester Harbour and Portsmouth areas. Contact Chris Warwick at Universal Yachting for full details of what they can offer

They will be able to serve current Dufour owners and represent the Dufour brand for new prospective owners.

LED Lighting

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Classic Cabin Lights

Classic Cabin Lights

In our boat the interior lights are all powered by halogen bulbs. Over the past few years I have been replacing them with LED bulbs. The small cabin spot lights have G4 bulbs and I have not until now been able to source a LED replacement that will fit. I have found a supplier and they are great BUT a small modification needs to be made to get them to fit. The reflector section can be removed by slightly rotating it and it will pull off. This leaves you with the frame, the reflector and the glass. If you twist the reflector it will come out and then the glass can be removed and discarded. The hole in the reflector will need to be slightly enlarged. I just used a pair of tapered pliers and twisted them so that the hole was stretched a bit to fit the bulb through the hole!

What a great result and for a fraction of the cost of new lights. You can get the LED bulbs from eBay. Just click the link below:

G4/G9 Capsule Bulbs Day/Warm White Led Light 1.5W/3W/5W Replace Halogen Lamp UK from aaaaabeauty seller. Only £8.29 including postage for 5 lights!


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Cannot Read your Hourmeter?

Have you got an hour meter on a Volvo engine that you cannot read the display? This frequently happens on boats that are 7 years or older as the display dims and it cannot be read. To replace it with a new Volvo unit is very expensive. A good solution is to go to Maplins or RS or other electrical supplier and buy a separate unit for just a few pounds and wire it into the circuit for the power “ON” switch to the engine panel. Problem solved for just a few pounds!

How to – A Plotter on the Cheap!

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