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This page displays a list of published Dufour Newsletters for members to access at any time and goes back to 1981.
To view a newsletter simply click on the issue image. The list of articles for each magazine is very short and “favours” technical issues as these are most popular.
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The list of articles for each magazine is very short and “favours” technical issues as these are most popular.

Dufour News 117

Summer 2020

The Bahamian Moor
Water Pump Woes
Crossing Biscay – Part 2
Windlass Remote On A Budget
Nocturnal Emotions

Dufour News 116

Spring 2020

Crossing Biscay – Part 1
Round The Island Race 2019
A Two-Shackle Tip
Talks with Seagulls
Recaulking Teak Decks
Dufour Rebrands
AGM report
A Friend In Every Port

Dufour News 115

Winter 2019

Racing in Gocek
Alderney Rescue
Bembridge Rally
Sunny and South (part 2)
Peter Pitchforth 1935-2019
Comfort Improvements for Dufour 365 GL

Dufour News 114

Summer 2019

Sunny and South to A Coruna
Old-Style Raymarine ST50/60 Wind Sensor Bearing Replacement
Oh, For The Want Of A Weather Forecast
Fixing a Quirk On A Dufour 34
European Meteorological Services Network
Marchwood Rally
My Favourite Forecasts

Dufour News 113


Spring 2019

A Truly Wild Coast (Ireland) part 2
Repairing Electric Winches
Storming into Bermuda
A Winter Netherland
AGM Report

Dufour News 112


Winter 2018

  • Weymouth and Bembridge Rally Reports
  • Cruising South-West Ireland
  • Ramsgate Week
  • A Steep Learning Curve

Dufour News 111


Summer 2018

  • Replacing Standing Rigging
  • Sea-cocks
  • Rally Reports: Yealm/Plymouth and Isles of Scilly
  • Cruising The Netherlands

Dufour News 110


Spring 2018

  • Flares Changes
  • Cruise from Lefkas to Leros
  • Cruising Brittany (part 2)
  • Baltic and Back in a Season (part 2)
  • Association AGM Minutes

Dufour News 109


Winter 2017

  • Rally reports for Weymouth and Bembridge
  • Cruising Northern France
  • Cruising Brittany (part 1)
  • Baltic and Back in a Season (part 1)
  • Repairing Dufour 40 rudder bearing

Dufour News 108


Summer 2017

  • Round the Island race Association Winner
  • East and South Coast Rally Reports: Boulogne, Cherbourg, Beaulieu
  • Isles of Scilly Cruise
  • Rally plans
  • Haul Out Repairs on a Dufour CT12000

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