Information Exchange

The Association provides forums for members to exchange information with other members, and these are mainly used to help other members with technical information about their Dufour yachts. These might be specific Dufour repairs and problem solving; upgrade discussions; quality issues; extra equipment or supplies; or a range of other issues. This takes a number of forms including the members’ forum, the archive of manuals, articles in Dufour News. etc.

Latest Member Forum Topics

Our members forum is mainly used by members to ask others members for advice on technical issues. This forum has many hundreds of discussions and each topic usually attracts a number of suggestions often leading to a solution. Here are some of the most recent topics:

Forum topics have covered problems and advice for a wide range of Dufour yachts including: Dufour 36 Classic, Dufour 325 GL, Dufour 34, Dufour 35 Classic, Dufour 30 Classic, Dufour 455, Arpege 30, Dufour 38 Classic, Dufour 40, Dufour 455 GL, Dufour 310 GL, Dufour 385, Dufour 375 GL, Dufour 44, Dufour 365 GL, Dufour 32, Dufour 2800, Dufour 3800 and more.

Dufour News

Our Dufour News magazine is published 3 times a year and contains articles from members on technical solutions, cruising areas, and many other topics.

Archive of Manuals

Click to view the archive of manuals.