Member Application – Overseas

Now complete your application by paying for your membership

For overseas membership the fee is £12.50 per year (or equivalent at current exchange rates via Paypal); note there is no joining fee. We are mailing Dufour News magazine to members outside of the UK and will continue this for as long as it remains affordable.
Payment is made via PayPal (which can be made from your PayPal account or a credit card via payPal) with a first payment on application and then subsequent payments on each anniversary.
Applications are subject to your acceptance of the Association’s Data Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.
You will not get immediate access to the web site as the application has to be processed manually. If there is a delay before your payment is taken, please DO NOT TRY AGAIN immediately as you may be charged twice.

Simply complete the following form.

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See Link to Data Privacy Policy at top of page.