Member Application – UK

For UK membership the fee is £12.50 per year paid by Standing Order. Please note that there is no joining fee.

Applications are subject to your acceptance of the Association’s Data Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.

Simply complete the following form.
If you have any queries please email the Membership Secretary here.

Application Form

  • Subscription Payment

  • UK membership is just £12.50 per year usually paid by Standing Order. So after this first payment your next payment will be due 1st January 2022. How you set this up may depend on what options your online bank account offers.
    • If you are able please set up a Standing Order with a first payment of £12.50 today and a recurring annual payment of £12.50 starting 1st January 2022.
    • If your bank does not allow setting up the recurring payment in advance then please make a single bank payment of £12.50 and we will remind you of the need for a Standing Order later.
    The details you need are as follows:
    Account: Dufour Owners Association (be sure to enter this exactly because otherwise your bank may say it is not verified)
    Account type: Business
    Sort Code: 20-53-97
    Account Number: 80152412