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Arpege cast iron keel rusting (3 replies and 1 comment)

Andy Hobbs
1 month ago
Andy Hobbs 1 month ago


I have recently purchased an Arpege (1967) and during antifouling discovered rust in a number of places on the keel.

Anyone else had this problem. I will probably blast and use anti rust coating but would welcome any other owners experience.


Kevin and Jane Remmington
1 month ago


having previously owned a new Moody for 20 years, had the same issue every year with rust spots, so nothing new. Light sand with an angle grinder to remove rust staining and smooth, and a wire brush where pitted. Paint immediately with an anti rust, then an underwater epoxy paint, then antifouling with at least two coats on the leading edges.



John Peters
1 month ago
John Peters 1 month ago

Judgement call as too how bad it is or that you feel about it Andy.

I think Kevin and I are at opposite ends of the 'solution ideas' range, my need was certainly greater!

I've just had the entire hull & keel slurry blasted to remove 18years of antifoul and rust spotting on the keel of my D30 Classic. If you go for the full blast on the keel, have time and she's staying ashore for a while drying man blasted then gave it a day to go properly rusty [!!] as that gets all the salts out of the metal, then dry blasted it followed by primer. I'm epoxying and antifouling in the spring. If you're Solent area based, I'd highly recommend Marty at Randell Industrial Services.

Joel Tatham
1 month ago
Joel Tatham 1 month ago

Hello Andy,

I have a Dufour 365 (2006) and had some rust patches on the keel as well, I used a tercoo wheel (not a grinder) to take the rust off to the metal, used an epoxy sealant which bonds to rust and then a primer on top of that with antifouling over the top of everything.

Highly recommended!




Bob Garrett
1 month ago

Is your keel not encapsulated in GRP on your 365? Mine is.