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Classic 38 shore power problem (1 reply and 3 comments)

Keith Rodger
1 month ago
Keith Rodger 1 month ago

I just found that the shore power had tripped on my Classic 38 and will not reset.  Even with all mains powered items disconnected ( heaters and barrel charger) the trip will not reset.  Everything was working fine when I was last there but now no power!  Possible the trip switch unit has gone bad.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue?  I have attached a couple of photographs of the panel and wiring.
Brian Atherton
1 month ago
Brian Atherton 1 month ago

Hi Keith

Probably your RCD has failed. It must be around 20 years old. Mine on a Classic 35 failed at 16 years. You will not find a like for like replacement - long discontinued.

The push button RCD fitted on the Classic series is of the type known as "active". An active RCD trips on either an internal fault or (and I used to find this really annoying) when there is an external power interrupt. I think this was intended to be an additional safety feature - for example, if you were working on mains powered equipment on board and had disconnected the shore power line, if someone reconnected the external power the system would not become live unknown to you without resetting the RCD. Most boats have "passive" RCDs - meaning they do not trip on an external power interrupt and onboard systems (e.g. Battery Charger) continue to operate normally when external power is restored. (What I found annoying was that a momentary power interrupt, not infrequent in many Marinas, left my battery charger off until I returned to the boat and reset it!)

Given that the RCD original equipment you have fitted is "active", are you sure you have shore power to it when trying to reset? If so you are going to have to fit a replacement RCD. This has been covered before on this forum. Have a look at:

Hope this helps. Fairly easy to do, but if you are at all unsure, when dealing with 240 volt systems get someone with experience to do it, or at least check what you have done, just to be sure.



Keith Rodger
1 month ago

Thanks Brian, We do have power to the switch and I suspect that you are correct about the active red given it’s age. I have a marine electrician going to look at the issue so I will find out for sure shortly. Very helpful information and thanks again. Regards, Keith

Keith Rodger
3 weeks ago

All fixed. Rcd had failed as suggested. Electrician replaced rcd with modern which doesn’t fit perfectly but works. It will do until I work out a more permanent solution. Thanks for your help.

3 weeks ago

Hi Keith. Just spotted your query and I will add a note that I did for Dufour News because it gives a little more info. Because I changed the RCD, I found it easier to mount the new Wylex unit behind the switch panel. The reset button is on the RCD so I put a label on the panel giving the new location.