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Companionway hatch squeek (2 replies and 1 comment)

Charles Averre
1 month ago
Charles Averre 1 month ago

2004 Performance.  The plexiglass piece that slides forward into the coachtop makes a horrible screech on the way in.  At the forward most part of the piece, there is a lip that contacts the floor of the compartment, and that is the friction point that creates the noise.  I cannot access the problem, nor can I determine a way to disassemble the area to get at it.

Any ideas?



Freda Forbes
1 month ago
Freda Forbes 1 month ago

Hi Chuck

We had exactly the same problem with ours. We had had the whole garage off several times and failed to cure the screetch but last winter my husband fixed it. It did involve taking off the whole garage and trimming several areas then reassembling. I’m not sure if he has a log on for this forum but I’m sure he’d be happy to contact you directly by email or even phone if you wish. We now have a blissfully silent hatch 


Bob Garrett
1 month ago
Bob Garrett 1 month ago

We have had the same problem and solved it this way. Slide the hatch closed with you underneath. Take a can of wd40 with the tube on the nozzle. Lift the hatch a few millimetres at the forward end and slide the wd40 tube under it pointing at each of the hatch forward supports (they are rubber/plastic feet) and give a little spray. Then slide it back and forth. Watch your head it slides very easily now!

Freda Forbes
1 month ago

I tried for many ways to solve this for years ! I tried sliding sandpaper under what I thought were the rubbing parts, lubrication with silicone etc.
Remaining the garage is the only way to properly get at the problem. The garage removes easily with a couple of screws fwd and a few aft. The rubber bumpers need to come out too. Then remove the sealant.
The fwd end of the slide has a vertical support, but it was far too big, causing the awful screech when the hatch moved. The first time I removed the hatch I sanded the support , and replaced the garage, but sadly it didn’t solve the screech. I removed the hatch a second time and took the bull by the horns and removed the whole fwd support. It is now completely solved. A beautifully noiseless and easy sliding hatch 😄. Easy to do, just takes a bit of balls to remove the hatch, If u want to pay someone hundreds of 💷 for time, that’s up to u. There’s nothing difficult.
Mike Forbes.
Micky Finn IV. D40 Performance.