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Dufour Classics: stanchion bases (4 replies and 2 comments)

Pietro Spanu
2 months ago
Pietro Spanu 2 months ago

We have a Dufour Classic 35 (vintage 1998).  The bases of the stanchions have, from time to time, cracked due to stress fatigue. These are cast aluminium. I have been told by the company which sold the replacements to me, that they are no longer manufactured. 

I am now down to the last one. I am investigating the possibility of getting some manufactured, possibly using aluminium 3D printing. 

  1. As anyone had any experience with something like this?
  2. Is anyone else interested in "going along" with this to share costs, if it turns out that economies of scale make it more convenient?

Of course, if someone has a better solution, please post it here!

Best regards,


Pietro Spanu

Simon Martin
2 months ago
Simon Martin 2 months ago

Pietro.  I have had a stanchion base crack on a more recent boat: a 2007 Dufour 34.  When I looked at the part, it seems that the metal is very poor quality, so much so that I wondered whether it was metal at all.  Unfortunately, there seems to have been some cost-cutting in the manufacture here.  But it seems likely that they will fail quite regularly.  I also wondered whether I could get some made to a better standard.  As a stop-gap, I got a replacement from Universal Marine in the UK.  It was painful (may chasers over several months) and more expensive than I expected (£70 inc postage), but it did arrive in the end.  I would be very interested if you do manage to get some manufactured

Richard Woodger
2 months ago

Hi Simon, I have the same issue on my 32 Classic - tried searching online for Universal Marine but can only find completely unrelated web sites - do you have a web address or contact details? Many thanks Richard

2 months ago
MHodin 2 months ago

I have a Dufour Classic 41 which allows has a cracked station base. I would be interested in purchasing a couple of replacements if you can find someone to make them,

Michael Hodin

SY Ethel

Richard Woodger
2 months ago
Richard Woodger 2 months ago

Hi all, I need replacement base plates also for my 32 Classic and can't find any online that are a like for like match - please let me know you guys have any joy. Many thanks!

3 weeks ago
JRowley 3 weeks ago

I'd be happy to take one or two.  I think rather than 3D printing, make a copy of an existing one and have a batch cast by a friendly foundry.

David Moore
3 weeks ago

If you an send me a photo and dimensional sketch of the offending stancion base I have a contact with a CNC business who carries out a lot of small batch reverse engineering work, does the base need to be aluminium or could stainless be an alternative.