Membership Renewal

Your Dufour Association membership has come up for renewal again. We do hope you have continued to find your membership useful with access to the technical forum, to manuals, to Dufour News magazine, to all the archives and being part of the community of Dufour owners.

All this for just £12.50 per year.

You paid originally with Paypal, and remember Paypal allows you to pay using credit and debit cards as well as a Paypal account if you have one.

Two Ways You Can Pay
Setup a Subscription of £12.50 per year and so make it easier for you and us to handle in future years (a subscription can be stopped by you at any time) or make a single payment of £12.50 and then you will need to do the same again next year.

Create a Membership Subscription for the Dufour Association


Or Make a single payment for Dufour Association membership

(and do the same again next year!)


If you have any queries please contact Alan Thomas, our Membership Secretary, via