Reply To: Reefing lines on 365GL

Dave King

    mick – single line (one pull brings down luff & leech together) or more trad – line brings leech only luff attached to hooks manually it's simple so long as the lines are in the boom… 
    (if not big trouble….)
    check that knotted or shackled ends are in the outer end of the boom pull them through then up through the cringle down and  made fast round the boom – leave plenty of slack.
    if single line take the line at mast end up through the cringle and back down to the winch. 
    if traditional just take the line directly to the winch as it only pulls the leech
    takes a bit of head banging if it's been left in a total mess as mine was!
    best of luck
    (I use the cunningham with a big hook to pull down the 1st reef from the cockpit)
    dave – D39 integral 'aurilla'