Reply To: Microwave rating

Dave Brannigan

    Thanks Mike,
    I ended up putting a 3kw inverter on the boat, mostly on the basis that it ought to be able to handle the 2KW loads with less stress ergo be more reliable. Maybe 🙂
    When I ran the microwave it recorded around 1500 watts – quite a bit for an 800w microwave! I know it has the fan, a turntable motor and a light to run too plus it's not going to be 100% efficient but even still. I was expecting nearer your value of around 1200. It won't be run for that long that often.
    The biggest draw will be the crew's hairdryer. We bought a lower wattage unit to help give the batteries a break but even so the run time will be longer. 
    Forgive me if we've already covered this, I'm of an age where I cannot recall who I've spoken to about what, but is that a laser 4000 in your photo? Just looking at the bowsprit with a trapeze. I still have an RS400 though thinking of selling it as only sailed it twice in the past two years.