Reply To: Charging issues

Bob Garrett

    I would be surprised if the two things were related but here is some suggestions.
    <li>Check the charger has some lights on(!). If not then check the main circuit breaker as Nigel suggestions, check the main circuit breaker and individual circuit breaker on the distribution panel. I don't know where these are on your boat but the 382 manual suggests the first is in the starboard aft wardrobe and the second under the companionway.</li>
    <li>Then there are some charger lights then there are separate charging wires for each battery but only two status lights. One shows main power and the other the battery charging status. I suggest you look at those and then use the manual to see what it means but if the second one is off then it is not charging the batteries and the manual says its internal fuse has gone, or other fault.</li>
    <li>As for the gauge is not working for one batter bank, are you sure the battery is working? Maybe it has failed and taken the charger with it – or hopefully just the fuse. Unusual though for a battery to fail completely but maybe it just has less volts than needed to move the gauge (11v?). Check the batteries with a vol meter.</li>