Reply To: sudden ignition failure

Dave King

    thanks andrew – yes. fuse would be obvious the engine is a replacement (the original was completely knackered with no oil & bad signs of overheating and a terrible knock!) volvo don't make the 2040 anymore so I had to search about. the hull and interior were immaculate but all the technology either out of date or not working… the 39 integral is very rare and hadn't known where the fuse was… we got her out today in a gale and absolutely throwing it down – first I had to drop the genny (130%)
    single handed in 10 mins flat! couldn't have done this without my e-wincher handle (I'm 84 with angina to boot…) soon as it's dry I'll go check the fuses – she started OK on sat at universal but, yes the rev counter wasn't functioniing so maybe blew the fuse… I've spent about £20K getting her up to scratch so far, but there's always something….!

    thanks for your help