Reply To: Dufour 30 Classic – good for bluewater cruising?

Kevin Murray

    I have a 30C and have, so far, sailed it in coastal waters on the Irish south and east coasts. On the east coast the seas are generally not too big close to the coast, so I have never had any anxieties regarding her ability to cope. She has handled very well in the open Atlantic conditions to be found on the south coast. The French Glenans organisiation used many of these as their favoured small cruiser during the first few years of this century. My boat was owned by Glenans Irish Sailing Club, the Irish affiliate of Glenans, and was used extensively on the south and west coasts. In the training role these boats usually operated with a full crew, day-sailing from port to anchorage to port, with perhaps one overnight passage per course.. There was very little space for stowing supplies for six people. Perhaps sailing single-handed, or with just one companion, the stowage might be enough for longer voyages, but I personally would only consider shorter, port-hopping passages and some cross-channel trips and would prefer a bigger more robust boat for blue-water passage-making.