Reply To: Hull care

Jeremy Rowley

    Hi Mark,
    It is a great question, and you have given me an idea for an article to put in the Dufour News.
    Hull polishing is a whole subject in itself and no doubt everyone has a different idea about how to go about it.  My experience is that the make of boat polish doesn't matter, a good shiny hull is more about the process and technique.
    Firstly iron oxide stains around the waterline are removed using Y10 and washed off.
    The hull is then washed with boat hull cleaner.
    The most important part is to mop off the old oxidising layer of polish,  I use a 10" car polisher (Halfords) using a cotton terry cloth bonnet, a little cutting compound and plenty of water,  I find a fine water spray from a hand held bottle (e.g. a used spray disinfectant bottle) works well.  I do this in sections. Then wash down again.
    Wax boat polish is applied liberally by hand with a cotton polishing cloth, left to dry for half an hour and then buffed off with a rotary buffing machine with a sheepskin polishing head running at about 1000 rpm.  Care needs to be taken not to damage any vinyl waterlines etc.
    I've done this both from ladders (hard work) and borrowed scaffolding towers.  I definately prefer scaffolding towers and going to buy my own for next year.
    I tend to polish every year.  Best to keep on top of it as there is less oxidisation to polish off.
    Luckily for me, my sailing companions are willing to help and we manage to do it in a day.
    Hope this helps