Reply To: Replacement Water Tank Sender

Dave Brannigan

    Hi Paul, I can’t say I’ve seen one like that before. Looks to me like that probe needs a voltage applied to get it to work and the voltage supplied by a digital multi meter may not be sufficient. If  the circuitry inside is meant to emulate a resistive output to your gauge – whatever type that may be, but has failed, then you may not necessarily need to modify the tank to get a replacement. Wema make a multitude of probes with both European and American resistor configurations (and nmea 2000 if you want it). They are available in standard 5 hole or threaded bodies and a multitude of lengths in both standard and high resolutions. No affiliation here, but I have bought three probes from them in the past year. Two low res for water and a high res for fuel.  They’re very helpful. Hope you get sorted. Dave