Reply To: 44 Performance bimini

Paul Simmons

    Hi Chris attached images, we had zips added front and rear to attach sun shades, the black line from the end of the boom is just a device I add when in port/anchorage to hold the boom position. The forward part of the ss frame is attached to the rear facing part and it folds up when the fabric and support straps are removed. The design has been great and lasted since 2017/18 zips are staring to fail (stitching) which is an easy fix and no doubt exacerbated by the weigh of the solar panels (a later addition) None of the ss is attached to the other posts you see in the images, fixings are only to the push-pit rail and strong points or attached to the frame design for folding.

    Advice would be to ensure strong points are not impeding sheet use (one of mine does slightly) and also if you add zips to the front, make them 50mm shorter from the centre so boom wobble doesn’t strain the zips. Been fine for us in over 30knts with and without the solar panels. Good luck Could only attach 4 images so will follow with a couple more

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