Reply To: Dufour 365GL Deck Leak

Jeremy Rowley

    Hi Bob,
    Maybe the other windows on that side need rebedding, not just the one above. I had to remove and rebed all my windows in the past 5 years due to leaks.

    However, I had a similar problem in March 2020 just before lockdown. I went down to her to work on her and was horrified to find a significant amount of water had entered and it had exited through the aperture providing access for the genoa track bolts above the hob. The hob was full of rainwater, to the extent it had filled up the gas rings and travelled down the gas pipe. The oven needed an expensive repair.

    I eventually came to the conclusion that heavy rain and overwhelmed the main hatch drainage channels such that water accumulated on the hatch had overflowed the side of the hatch and passed in between the inner and outer deck mouldings. Inspection revealed the join around the hatch does not appear to be sealed.

    Later I found that rainwater had traveled down to the the very edges of the interior deck moulding and was sitting in a puddle in the channel around the outboard edge of the moulding. From there water had then entered into a LED reading light mounted underneath the channel in the aft cabin completely wrecking it.

    Nowadays I always cover the hob with a square waterproof canvas when the she is left on her berth. This protects the hob from water dripping down from the deckhead. Over winter, I remove the sprayhood to avoid algae gowing on it and to extend its life. Instead a square canvas cover is lashed down over the main hatch so that any rainwater runs off it and over the coach roof and the hatch remains perfectly dry. All the halyard tails are tucked underneath. This keeps them dry and provides a ridge to help water run off. See picture. I’ve never had a problem since.

    I’m now working on an idea to make a tonneau cover that will be fitted completely over the the cockpit from the front of the hatch to the stern of the boat. The primary purpose is to protect the cockpit teak work from the ravages of the winter elements.

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