Reply To: Dufour 365GL Deck Leak

Andrew Spruell

    Hi Bob

    We have had a very similar problem on our 36 Classic with water coming in through the access cover to the port side deck organiser and occasionally through the light next to it above the saloon table. It has been going on for a number of years, is intermittent but appears after a period of heavy rain and or damp weather. It sounds as if it may be higher up than yours and although enough to leave a significant puddle on the saloon table it is not in the same league as the leak on Jeremy’s boat.
    Initially I thought it was coming from the deck organiser so I have rebedded it on several occasions and that seems to sort it out for a while. However, it has always been intermittent but this autumn it came back and kept reoccurring. Like you I could not find the cause of leak. The organiser was fine and the only other real potential for the leak was the main hatch in the saloon but that look fine too. I had a good look around the sliding hatch drainage channels as per Jeremy but could not see any sign of water coming in and they are downhill from the leak. I have spent many hours pouring water over the coach roof, mast base, wooden handrails and hatches but could not get the leak to appear. I even got out my endoscope and had a good look around the void between the coach roof and the saloon ceiling but could not see any sign of water ingress.
    At the beginning of November I gave up looking and just resigned to putting a bowel under the deck organiser to catch the water but I also put the dehumidifier back on the boat to keep her dry for the winter. Within a week despite some torrential downpours throughout the month there has been no further sign of water coming in and the bowel has remained completely dry.
    So my conclusion at the moment either rightly or wrongly is that the ‘leak’ is in fact due to condensation forming in the void between the double skinned deck and running down to the port deck organiser cover as our boat has a very slight list to port especially if the aft water tank is full. I will continue to monitor the situation and report back if the situation changes.