Reply To: VHF Aerial recommendations

Teemu Ramo

    I would recommend changing the coaxial cable as well, especially if you can’t be sure that it’s top-notch quality. Worst cables have foam cores (moisture wicks in) and/or aluminum braiding (corrodes), but even the good ones may suffer from copper oxidations near the cable ends or moisture finding its way into the core. One boat maintenance book that I read gave a guideline of max 10 years between replacing aerial and TV cabling on boats.

    I’m planning to switch our aerial and cable to one of those Glomex ones with an FME-connector. That connector is small enough to take through the small gooseneck on the deck when unstepping the mast (which happens every winter here). Once done, I can finally stop doing the cut & resolder every year. Drawback is that these FME cables should be bought at fixed lengths. Yes, retrofit FME connectors exist, but that is no longer a hermetically sealed cable…

    Btw. VHF was not working on our Dufour 375 GL when we bought it. I was already about to replace the aerial + cable before figuring out that it was the antenna splitter causing all the issues. The fuse for the splitter (one of those in-line glass tube ones) hand worked itself loose and kept loosing contact.