Reply To: Dufour 365GL Deck Leak

Bob Garrett

    Funny I was on the boat last night (woo, that was windy! port tack all night on a marina berth!) and this morning was going to pursue the idea that rain was getting into the space above the sliding hatch cover and somehow getting in. I did notice that although last night’s rain was coming from ahead of the beam rain was spraying, in the strong wind, round to the hatch cover but it was not leaking in. So I started to think my theory must be wrong. Nevertheless I still threw some more “solid” water on the hatch cover thinking it might go further forward and leak in – in which case I had proof.
    But it didn’t, it ran back out. I then realised that perhaps the boat is leaning backwards slightly. Could it be that I only get this leak when the boat is slightly leaning forwards? The last time we had this intermittent leak was when the bow tank was full and we were both sleeping in the forward cabin. This might explain its “randomness”.
    Anyway I didn’t have time to fill the bow tank and find a couple to sleep in the forward cabin while I threw water at the hatch! That will be an experiment for another day.