Reply To: Dufour 365GL Deck Leak

Anne Hand

    Bob put me on to this thread as I was asking about trickles of water apparently down the inside of the hull between the chart table and shroud bar on the stb side of our D365 2008. I was suspecting the toe rail as all the stanchions were reseated last winter. (During that exercise we also had the headlining off and discovered a corroded screw in the fwd halyard organiser which was letting water in). Jacana is on a trot mooring facing WSW with a winter tarpaulin covering the hatch and the whole of the cockpit. However it seems that some water has been blown in under the hatch as there are spray marks on the headlining on the stb side above the chart table!! That would equate to the leeward side as the gales have had a lot of S in them. It wasn’t much because there’s no apparent water on the chart table and the box of tissues is only damp. I am wondering if that leakage through the hatch relates to the dribbles down the hull.
    Is it relatively straightforward to unscrew and reseat the toe rail? Ours has regular small drill holes through it as our lifelines are netted to retain the 4 grandchildren and their teddies (and numerous tools). The netting is about to come off as it has become tatty and the small people have grown.

    Any comments very welcome